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Mobile UV Arrays ("Dragons")

UV light is an emerging agricultural tool that can work with, or as an alternative to, conventional pesticides to manage disease. UV light can reduce disease severity through a germicidal effect on leaf pathogens and in some cases stimulates disease resistance. Currently the Dragon is an implement designed for a tractor's 3-point hitch.

Download a 4-page summary to learn more [PDF]

This online resource is made possible by a grant from the New York Farm Viability Institute (NYFVI).

UV light modes of action




Download Building Instructions

These instructions are intended for growers and fabricators that want to build their own "Dragon" Mobile UV Array from open source specifications, funded by NYFVI and USDA.

1 - Light Enclosures
Select a design that best suits your crop and row geometry.

2 - Hitch Designs
Determine which hitch design will work best for your operation: side-mounted, rear-mounted, or multi-row.

3 - Anti-Vibration Mounts
The hitch design will dictate which anti-vibration mount should be selected.

4 - Instructions for Assembling UV-C Lighting and Electrical Enclosure
This document contains important information about the installation of the electrical components (including the light fixtures) after the hitch and framework are constructed, along with safety considerations and operation instructions.
*Last update March 13, 2020

5 - List of Materials
The materials listed in this document are in addition to those called out on the component breakdowns in the CAD drawings.
*Last update March 23, 2020

6 - Safety Briefing
Learn more about the safe operation of UV-C Arrays in crop protection.

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